Below you can find a chronological listing of magazines, travel guides, picture books, calendars, awards, etc., which include my pictures. If possible, I've added a brief description, some examples and corresponding links.

The North Face Photo Competition "Longer Days"
My picture of Cachoeira da Fumacinha, Brazil won the 1st place on May 29th 2014.

For this contest and for the obvious outdoor theme, I chose one of my all time favourite outdoor pictures, which I took from beautiful Fumacinha waterfall (Chapada Diamantina, Brazil).
It seems, that it was a good choice! ;-)

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Photo presentation and comprehensive interview in the online edition of the 4-seasons magazine (Oct. 2013)

Got an invitation from renowned 4-seasons Magazine, to join the "Photographer of the Month" section of the online magazine. Well, I didn't have to think twice. ;-) You can find the comprehensive interview and photo section here.

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Lost Place Photo Competition & Calendar 2013
My picture of Ross Island, Andaman is one of the 13 winning photos.

In summer 2013 launched a photo competition for its annual "Lost Places" photo calendar. Fortunately, during my recent trip to India I made an intense photo session on beautiful Ross Island, Andaman, which was the Administrative Headquarters for Andaman and Nicobar islands, before an earthquake forced them to shift to Port Blair. Since then the nature is reclaiming the island back and the old buildings gradually convert into a modern Angkor Wat. A perfect spot if you're looking for some great Lost Places motives! I sent just one picture to the competition and it seemed to be a good choice. Some weeks later the jury informed me, that my picture is one of the 13 winning photos.

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4-Seasons Magazine, Edition 39, 2013
Winner of the photo contest "Steine, Schluchten, Spitzen"

Participation in the 4-Seasons photo competition "Best Outdoor picture". My picture "Canion do Buracao" won the 1st Place.

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Seereisen- Magazin
Edition November/December 2010

3rd order from the Seereisen Magazine, this time for a South America cruise report. The editor ordered an image of the Osorno Volcano with Lago Llanquihue in the foreground (Chile).

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Lonely Planet 100 million guidebooks competition
Finalist (200 out of 130,000 pictures)

Lonely Planet was celebrating his 100 millionth guide book with the world's largest travel mosaic and a huge photo competition. As a long time fan and user of Lonely Planet guide books (I bought my first LP back in 1994 and today I have more than 30 LP guide books at home), it was obvious, that I would add a photo to the mosaic. Finally more than 130.000(!) pictures from literally all over the world have been uploaded, which makes it one of the biggest photo competition ever, with a total Prize money of AU$ 180,000.
Some months later I received an email from Lonely Planet, that my photo "Returno a Cachoeira da Fumacinha" was selected one of the 200 finalists. (By the way: Pretty interesting country statistics. What's up with us Germans? Just 2% in the final round!) This really made me happy, not only because of the rather generous prize for each finalist, worth AU$ 800. ;-)
Also, my picture made it into the offical Online Gallery , which includes just 60 of the 200 finalists, and it's even among the 30 best images selected by the Telegraph.

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4-Seasons Magazine, Edition 26, 2010
2nd Place in the photo contest "Best Outdoor picture"

Participation in the 4-Seasons photo competition "Best Outdoor picture". A total of 1,691 images were submitted. My picture "Cachoeira dos Cristais" has been awarded the 2nd Place.

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Bunny "Chinchillatraum" Packaging design
2 Photos for a packaging design of Chinchilla feed

In early 2010 I received an inquiry from a German design bureau, who was looking for a "typical" South American Altiplano photo in high resolution. They were working on a packaging design for a Chinchilla feed (Chinchillas are pretty common in the Altiplano of Chile and Bolivia). Finally they ordered two photos (one from Lauca National Park, one from Laguna Miscanti, both in Chile).

Excerpts :   Packaging Design    1st Photo     2nd Photo    

Qatar 2022 bid book
Photo for the candidature of Qatar for the Soccer World Cup 2022..

In November I received an inquiry from a Swiss concept bureau regarding one of my photos of the "Inland Sea" in Qatar. The bureau was commissioned by the Qatar Football Association, to develop the so called "Bid Book", the candidature of Qatar for the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2022.
The Creativ Director ordered one of my photos, which will be added to the official presentation. Photo Contest: "Best Travel Picture 2009"
2nd Place of my photo "Returno a Cachoeira da Fumacinha"..

Participation in the Photo Contest 2009. More than 13,000 photos were submitted. Total Prize Money: 12,000 Euro. My photo "Returno a Cachoeira da Fumacinha" finished in 2nd Place.

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The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards 2009
"Honorable Mention" Award for my picture "Once upon a time in DK", Cambodia

Participation with three pictures in the internationally prestigious World Photography Gala Awards. A total of 3,180 pictures from both professional and amateur photographers from 43 countries were submitted. At the end 187 photos made it into the final, including my picture from the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh (Documentary/Photojournalism category). Finally, my picture has been awarded one of the 20 "Honorable Mentions" in this category.
In addition to the publishing in the WPGA catalog and the display in the exclusive Wonderpick- Gallery, I was invited to exhibit my winning picture at the WPGA Exhibition in Madrid in March 2010.

Excerpts :   Winning Picture    Gallery

Seereisen- Magazin
Edition November/December 2009

2nd order from the Seereisen Magazine, this time for a report about a South East Asia cruise. The editor ordered 5 high res images (2 from Thailand and 3 from Hong Kong)

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Seereisen- Magazin
Edition September/October 2009

End of August, I've got a phone call from the editor of the Seereisen Magazine. He was looking for some photos to illustrate a report on Southern Chile and Patagonia. Because he already saw the pictures on my website, he preselected 6 images. I finally sent him one picture in a higher resolution, while he downloaded the other ones directly from my website.

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Piper - Malik: Cover image for the Publisher's Preview Autumn 2009
Piper Publishing Germany / June 2009

My second order in a row for the cover of Piper's half year preview, this time with one of my personal favorites: "Cachoeira da Fumacinha, Chapada Diamantina", Brazil.

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Booklet Chapada Diamantina, Brazil
Pousada Dos Duendes / H2O Travel Agency, Lencois, Brazil / March 2009 / Number of copies: 500

During my first visit in Lencois in 2008 Olivia, the owner of the Pousada Dos Duendes and the H20 Travel Agency, asked me for a collaboration regarding a promotional booklet about Lencois and the Chapada Diamantina National Park. For this she would need a selection of my photos.
Half a year later the project became reality and I sended her 5 pictures. Finally, during my 2nd Chapada Diamantina tour in 2009, I get the opportunity to check the resulting booklet in person.

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Trucker Magazine
Edition February 2009 / Number of copies: 96.000

In May 2008, I've got an email inquiry from a journalist in Hamburg, who worked on a report of the "Death Road" in Bolivia for the "AutoBild" Magazine. He asked for some pictures of my two Death Road tours and also wanted to make an interview via telephone. Unfortunately I've got the inquiry during my Brazil tour in 2008 and therefore wasn't able to prepare the photos for him.
Three month later the same journalist sent me another email. The "Trucker Magazine" ordered a report of the Death Road, focused on- surprise, surprise - trucks. For this he would need a selection of my photos. This time I could send him the desired photos, and finally 4 images were chosen, including the lead.

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Trucker Magazin

Piper - Malik: Cover image for the Publisher's Preview Spring 2009
Piper Publishing Germany / December 2008

Few weeks after the publishing of the winning images of the GEO / adidas photo contest "Das beste Outdoor- Bild 2008" (see below) I've got a message from a GEO employee, that I should immediately contact an inquiring editor. She saw my photo "King's Seat" at the contest and wanted to use it for the cover of Piper/Malik's Preview Spring 2009.

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GEO Special 06/08 "Magische Orte"
within the GEO- Photo contest "Magische Orte" / December 2008 / Number of copies: 99.000

Photo Contest "Magic Places" by the GEO- Travel Community. The four winning photos were published in the GEO Magazine. The editors had chosen my photo "Fitzroy on Fire" (Argentina), which I made during my South America journey in 2004.

Excerpts :   Winning Photo    Magazine

GEO Special Magische Orte

Annual Calendar 2009 "Waterfalls"
for Bohn Ingenieure GmbH / November 2008

My bosses ordered a photo calendar including design as a Giveaway for some of our clients. The calendar includes some of the most beautiful waterfalls of South and North America.

Excerpts :   Page 1    Page 2    Page 3    Page 4

3rd Place GEO / adidas Photo contest 2008
"Best Outdoor- Picture 2008"

3rd Place out of 700 participating photos. Because of the Outdoor- theme I chose my picture "King's Seat", which I took during my Brazil trip 2008.

Excerpts :   Winning Photo   

GEO adidas Fotowettbewerb

Bora Magazine
Lifestyle-Magazine from Chile, Edition 19 (June / July 2008) / Santiago de Chile / Number of copies: 5.000

Already my 4th order from the chilean Lifestyle Magazine Bora. In this edition the editors wrote a report about the Aspire Tower Project in Doha, Qatar. The lead was a fullsize photoreal Rendering, which I generated from my 3D- version of the tower. Rendering time: 30min @ 3000x2000px. In addition 7 more images were selected.

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Bora Magazine
chilean Lifestyle-Magazine, Edition 12 (Dec. 06 / Jan. 07) / Santiago de Chile

For a comprehensive report about Easter Island the Bora editor ordered a dozen of my Rapa Nui- photos. Additionally she selected my picture "Fitzroy on fire" for the argentinian supplement Trasandina.
You can find both the report and the photos on the worth seeing Bora website under "Ediciones Anteriores".

Excerpts :   Page 1    Page 2    Page 3    Page 4

Bora Magazin 12

Bora Magazine
chilean Lifestyle-Magazine, Edition 11 (Oct./Nov. 2006) / Santiago de Chile

For the illustration of a report about shipwrecks along the Magellan street, the Bora editor ordered four photos, which I took during my Patagonia trip in 2004. The pictures show the Amadeo and Ambassador wrecks near Estancia San Gregorio, as well as the Lonsdale shipwreck near Punta Arenas.

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Photographing the Southwest, Volume 1, 2nd Edition
2005 / PhotoTripUSATM / ISBN 978-0-916189-12-9

Laurent Martrès, who I met in 2002 during my Southwest tour invited me to add one of my photos of Metate Arch (Devils Garden, GSENM) to the new edition of his Southwest photographing guidebook. According to my opinion the 2nd edition of Photographing the Southwest is presently the best photoguide of the American Southwest. For anyone, who wants to explore the true highlights of the Southwest off the beaten track this is defintely a must have. You can find more information about his books at

Excerpts :   Page 1

Photographing the Southwest

Bora Magazine
chilean Lifestyle-Magazine, Edition August 2005 / Santiago de Chile / Numbers of copies: 9.000

In June 2005 I've got an inquiry from the editor of the Bora Magazine from Santiago de Chile. She was looking for some photos of "...any luxery place in Africa". Unfortunately I had to cancel, because up to now I havn't been to Africa. Few days later she again sent me an email inquiry. This time she was looking for some photos of the American Southwest. I sent her a selection and finally she ordered 5 images and also included a photographer's profile.

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Degussa / Tego Photo Calendar 2005
December 2004 / Tego Chemie Service / Number of Copies: 2500

In July 2004 I got an inquiry from the Tego Coating & Ink Additives Company.
They were looking for photos for their annual calendar, which includes landscape photographers from all over Europe. The editor finally selected my photo "Second Wave #2" (USA).
Additionally, on the backside of each page, they printed a detailed photographer's profile.

Excerpts :   Page 1    Page 2

Tego Calendar

Monitor Magazine
Edition January 2004 / Triumph-Adler Experts at Output GmbH

Just before my South America tour 2004 I've got an email from the agency GmbH. They were looking for images of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) to add them to a report, which will be published in the TA- Magazin Monitor. Finally they ordered five images of my photo selection.

Excerpts :   Page 1    Page 2

Die schönsten Trekking- Routen: Asien, Afrika, Neuseeland
November 2003 / Reise Know-How Publishing / ISBN 3-8317-1197-6

In June 2003 I get an email inquiry from Gunter Schramm, Nuremberg. He was writing a trekking guidebook and was looking for pictures about La Réunion. I sent him a selection of my photos, I made during my visit on La Réunion in 2001. Some days later, Gunter informed me, that the whole report will be illustrated with my photos (7 images). Additionally he recommended my website in his report.

Excerpts :   Page 1    Page 2

PERU - Reiseerlebnisse in Südamerika
January 2002 / Michael Kirchner Publishing / ISBN 3-8311-3227-5

In his search of some images for a Peru guidebook, the Publisher Michael Kirchner contacted me in Oktober 2001. I sent him a selection of 10x15 prints, from which he finally ordered three.

Excerpts :   Page 1

Faszination Weltwunder
2001 / Paramount Publishing / Edition XXL GmbH / ISBN 3-89736-309-7

In May 2001 I get an email inquiry from Rex Verlagsproduktion, would be interested in providing some images of Rapa Nui for an illustrated book titled "Faszination Weltwunder - Geheimnisvolle Bauwerke und Monumente". After a brief email correspondence I sent him a selection of my photos. They finally ordered three images to illustrate their report.

Excerpts :   Page 1    Page 2

Youth Magazine X-Mag
Edition September 2001 / Weltbild Publishing GmbH / Number of copies: 100.000

To illustrate a comprehensive report about Bolivia, the editor was looking for some images. I sent them a selection of my photos, which I took during my South America Tour in 2000. Finally the editor ordered four pictures.

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