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Here you find a selection of my photos sorted by catagories like Personal favorites, Landscapes or People & Nature. To choose a special catagory, just click on the corresponding graphic above (Javascript must be enabled) , or use the links below. This will lead to one or more sets of thumbnails, where you can view either single images or start a slideshow by using the navigation above the image.

  • Personal favorites
    A selection of my personal favorites from around the world.

  • Photos by country
    Here you find all of my photos sorted by countries like Brazil, USA, Chile and Easter Island, Argentina, Bolivia, Qatar, Hong Kong, Thailand, Réunion, Seychelles, etc. To be continued! ;-)

  • Connecting People and Nature
    I love to include a model in my landscape photos. A person not only add the important scale to the scenery, but can also be used to tell a little "story".
    If you're looking for an eye catcher for a cover, an ad or a promo this selection should be your first choice.

  • Architecture and man-made
    Cityscapes, buildings, wrecks and other man-made stuff.

  • Men at Work
    A set of images with "men at work". The majority of the photos I took during my 3 months stay in Doha, Qatar, where I joined the construction team of the 300m- skyscraper Aspire Tower (Sports City Tower) as a surveying engineer. Up to now (2009) it's the highest building in Qatar.

  • Sports & Action
    Here you can find a selection of sports and action photos.